A spiritual atlas to help you navigate the maze of life and be a joyful, peaceful, prosperous, and godly person.

by Pastor Reginald F. Davis on June 22, 2022

Think of this book as a GPS
Follow God’s Path to Success and be an example to your generation. Life is a tumultuous road jam-packed with trials, tests, and temptations. When you are at a crossroads, you need a reference guide to give you hope and inspiration in a topsy-turvy world.
This book amplifies the truth of the Bible to help you understand its inner wisdom to be a light on your pathway.
You are a chosen generation and an explosion of possibilities. There is hope for you in this world. But who do you listen to? What advice do you take?
If you want to live with hope and to lead others into God’s Promised Land where you have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10), this book will assist you on your journey.