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Getting Out of the Ark

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Annually at the Historic First Baptist Church of Williamsburg, we take the month of January to reflect and refocus on what God requires of us as Stewards. This year the theme was "Get Out of the Ark". This will recap a few points from each of the powerful messages delivered this month,  all of which are available for your listening pleasure on our website. 

Pastor Davis kicked the month off with “Get Out of the Boat" reminding us to not be afraid and focus on Jesus.  We should share our time, talents and treasures to uplift others.  We should seek the Kingdom of God above all other things, and  if we abide in Jesus Christ all things are possible when we believe in him. As believers we should Walk by Faith and Not by Sight then we will be able to experience God’s miracles!

How to Get out of the Ark”---We must plant and sow good seeds.  Pruning and repotting our seeds in fertile ground is often required to achieve maximum growth.  To grow, we must study God’s word.  We must become Good Soil in order for the Word of God and the Holy Spirit to grow within, enabling us to share our good fruits with others.  We must be deemed as Good soil by God in order to be blessed to be a blessing.  The formula for Stewardship Success is Good soil + Good seed = a Good Steward with much fruit and a great harvest.

Get Out of the Ark of contention, jealousy, complacency, and dissension, Stewardship Style!  We do this by studying God’s word, evangelizing, sharing our talents, and treasures, while remembering that everything we have belongs to God.  He has blessed us and is trusting us to be good stewards over those blessings.  Stewardship is a matter of the heart—“Where your treasure is, there  is your heart also".  Bad fruit + Bad heart =  Bad stewardship ; Good Fruit + Good Heart =  Good Stewardship.  

Finally, our Brother in Christ , Pastor Travis Simone, from Williamsburg Chapel, stated that God has called us to Go and be mobile explorers for Christ.  As we abide in him and his word, we will be compelled to venture into new and different territories that do more to build the Kingdom. As we GO on this Holy Spirit led exploration it will become our map to Discipleship, leading us away from what is predictable, our preferences and our pride to a life filled with Kingdom living.  Now, Let's Get out of the Ark together and become Stewardship In Action.

Posted by Nathan Hill