Pastor's Aid

Pastor's Aid



Spiritual, Financial & Emotional Support System

 Provides supportive service to the church, pastor and the First Family to help foster the spiritual growth of the church through fellowship and love and attention to their needs.  Plans and organizes the Pastor’s Anniversary celebrations.

The pastor's aide ministry serves as a spiritual, financial and emotional support system for the pastor, as well as his family.  The pastor's aide ministry is responsible for showing emotional support and appreciation to the pastor on behalf of the other congregants. On occasion, the ministry may host a celebratory service for the pastor and his family. When planning for such services, the ministry will solicit gifts from the congregation. The ministry recognizes occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and Father's Day. If the ministry feels the pastor is emotionally drained and in need of a sabbatical or vacation, they will gather up enough money from the congregants or among themselves to send the pastor away for a while.

Anticipates The Pastor's Needs

Anything the pastor needs, the pastor's aide ministry is there to ensure he gets it. Their goal is to ensure there is no lack for the pastor or his direct family members, including his spouse and children. This may include providing the pastor and his family with lodging, transportation and meals, whether he is home or away from home. If the pastor needs anything during his sermons, such as water, juice or mints, the ministry  ensures that these items are on hand and made available to the pastor. If the pastor is out of town, the committee may send him a card, money or care package.

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